Increase sales




We help our clients increase their training efficiency.

The Platform for Game-based Learning

Accelerate sales, improve training efficiency and optimize costs with our games and simulations
Increase sales

Experience your sales process

How can you stimulate your salespeople so that they can generate more sales?
Team building

Experience your industry

You are holding a workshop for your salesforce. How do you convey the corporate culture, strengthen their industry knowledge and reinforce team building?
Know your products

Experience your products

Your new product collection is going to be released in a few weeks. How well does your salesforce know your products, their features and sales arguments?

What sets us apart

Our clients: We are specialized in the fashion and financial industries.

Their challenge: Offer a unique experience to their salesforce in order to increase engagement and sales.

Our solutions: A suite of simulations and serious games for on-site or online workshops.

Our USP: Drawing on our 20+ years of language learning and teaching experience, we apply language learning techniques to make core business topics training more immersive.

Client testimonials

“Belinguo has a strong expertise in the field of gamified learning. They brought a unique combination of skills and creativity to the table. Their solution has allowed us to make quick and well-controlled progress while giving maximum room to the creative process.”

-Daniel T.


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